Hello dear hearters 🙃. First of all, thank you for all the love concerning my previous article. I was much surprised by the amount of hearts. Even if you didn't heart but took the time to read, I am grateful for that.
Shoutout to Rachel too... I think she helped a lot haha.

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Womanhood...It's an honour, a luck to me. For sure, I totally believe in equality: Men & Women being both similar and different in our own ways; by lifting and completing each other as equals, we can only create better things.
However, I don't know...there is something so special about being a girl. I feel like if I was a dude my life would be bland.

Feminity is elegance at it's finest. Men sometimes try to take exemple on us...most of the time actually (lol xd).

  • We're able to do several tasks and think about different things at the same time much better (scientifically proven!)
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  • We can do much more stuffs with our hair. Plus our fashion is wider.
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* We are able to both rock high heels and juggle life responsibilities like boss ladies at the same time.

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  • We can also dance in them like Beyoncé (with a bit of effort hehe)
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  • Growing as a woman, and seeing the evolution of our body is so intriguing even for us girls. You know listening to its needs, and learning to be receptive of how gracious it can with all its imperfections.
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  • And if you agree with me or not, it is pretty wonderful that we are able to carry life in us.
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But all that is just the superficial side of why I am thankful to be a young woman living in the 21st century. Looking back at all the progresses made for our rights, I know that I have so many female role models to look up to...and I also am aware that it is our time to take the role of these amazing females in order to be part of the solution of many injustices that are still very much alive. In that sense I am realizing that we've made a long way...

How dope is it to have so many shows with several female leads like Pretty Little Liars, Orange is The New Black, etc (never underestimate that). And what about our strong female leaders and entrepreneurs being as inspirational and competitive as their male contreparts?!

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Isabel Dos Santos, Angolan entrepreneur and one of the richest women in Africa.
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We just need intellectuals, scientists, creative individuals and that's it...what they look like is a detail in the equation.
These days or lets just say more than ever, we are facing challenges that are bigger than us...way bigger than the fake problem of note realizing that everyone regardless of their gender, race, age, sexual orientation and upbringing can put their knowledge and talent on the table.But most importantly be an abundant source of unconditional love...global warming, wars, deadly diseases...none of these are waiting for us to finish being petty before putting us down...

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