I'm not trying to sound poetic when I say that we all have a dark side. Another face with an expression we don't recognize in the mirror. An ominous, unsettling and airy laugh that leaves us with a "what was that?" thought afterwards. A glint in the eye we don't normally see.

That dark side only gets ignited after the match of emotion gets struck. And when that flame starts to breathe, let's just say that that isn't always a good thing.

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I find myself very confusing and conflicted a lot of the time. That is, when I really think about it. (So don't. ... Well, easier said than done.) Yes, I am fairly insecure about myself. I care about what people think about me. The real me. I can't stand being slightly paranoid when I'm outside of school, like on the weekends or during a season break. Like, who will I see? What do I do when we're facing each other?

I even question my friends. My close friends.

When I think extremely in depth about these types of things, it truly makes me feel that it should only be me, myself, and I.

However, sadly, even I can betray myself.

Sadly, even I can lie to myself.

Sadly, really, even I can be my own downfall.

A/N: This was hard to put in a summary-form. It always is. But it's a small insight.