It Takes Time...

friendships are not always seen at the first glance.

most times, according to most people, it takes time.

just like a lot of the good things do.

quality friendships are challenging to find, and it takes a while to build up and know each other truly .

there will be differences, and there may be a few arguments; but you cannot let it get in the way if you truly want this friendship.

to have anything that you want you have to truly prove that you really want it.

persist on knowing this person more, of course, without pushing their limits if they are on edge on a certain day; don't do that.

but don't be afraid to ask to know more.

it helps you understand each other better. <3

(This is an article written by myself, meaning there will only be my point of view, feel free to message me and tell me what to add as well in these articles i want to see what everyone thinks about these things i am talking about...)