Analyzing every flaw you see in the mirror, covering the distinguishing parts of yourself, obsessing over every single detail of a models face on the cover of the latest fashion magazine. Loving yourself can be one of the hardest things in the entire world sometimes.
Far too many times to count have I heard that people wish to be perfect. That until they reach the point of perfection, it is impossible for then to love themselves as they are, for others to see them as anything other than hideous or flawed. The human mind is hardwired to think these things, and everyone feels this way. Very few can say they love themselves as ther are and mean it. Loving who you are is difficult, but inportant for our wellbeing, and hopefully this will help those who believe they need to be "perfect" to be loved, but more importantly to have the ability to love themselves.
It is in our nature as human beings to automatically believe we are less than what we truly are, to believe the bad over the good, and to strive to reach limits that are impossible to conquer. Perfection is one of those limits. We think that to love ourselves, we must be perfect, but if only we all knew just how wrong we were. The reality is true, undivided perfection does not exist, and love is inclusive. Instead, perfection already exists in each and every one of us in our uniqueness. Our flaws are not flaws, but instead mark us as individuals and give us characteristics that separate us from the crowd. What we see as faults, blemishes, flaws, imperfections, mistakes, the things we hate about ourselves are nothing more than pieces of ourselves that both divide and unite us.

To love yourself is to not be the perfect stamped out version of you that you expect to be. Loving yourself is to love your own version of perfection, to accept that you are you and perfection is an art that has no singularity. You are art and art is beautiful, you are perfect in your uniqueness. The things you see as flaws, they are not flaws to anyone except you.To everyone else, they are as much a part of you as the things you like most about yourself, and those "flaws" are just as good as those qualities.
Self acceptance is hard, but once achieved is the gateway to self love, positivity, and heightened self esteem. You are you, and you were made the way you are to be unique. There will always be something that bothers you about yourself, however little it may be. But remember that it is a part of you, and you were made to be you. Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. And we don't mind at all. Now go out there and keep doing what you do best, which of course is being yourself.