Hi! , I'm 20 years old , and I just graduated as a fashion designer, and i've been struggling with what i'll do next so..

A few days ago.. i read a quote that said:

"Nothing will ruin your 20s more than thinking you should have your life together already" -

And this is what i really needed , some kind of sign that tells me that i'm just discovering what i want to do with my life , step by step without rush , everything will be builded slowly and carefully. The only thing you should be worried in your younger years is to do what makes you happy , and be passioned about it. Don't let anyone tell you to rush your life and stress about it.

- Make mistakes , live your life, fall in love, go to parties, do whatever the f*ck you want to do ! - and when you decide is time to put your life together you'll not have regrets.