Please note that this is my opinion, and i don't know all of the TV-shows that are/have been on television. Since this list is pretty old it might be somewhat outdated.

My top 10 TV series:

friends, chandler, and ross image

2.Game of Thrones

game of thrones image

3.Sherlock Holmes

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4.Downton Abbey

downton abbey, mary, and Matthew image

5.The Crown

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6.13 Reasons Why

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7.Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars, pll, and lucy hale image

8.Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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9.Life of Kylie

gif and kylie jenner image

10.How I Met Your Mother

how i met your mother, himym, and Barney Stinson image

These shows are mostly comedy, action, fashions and survival oriented.