20 Random Facts About Me

1 - I have bright red hair

me, red hair, and my photo image
(Actual Photo Of Me)

2 - I'm 18 Years Old

3 - I have a twin sister

twins and my photo image
My twin sister & I

4 - I'm a proud Gryffindor

Image by larksings

5 - I'm Asexual

asexual image

6 -Baymax is my HERO (Pun Intended)

disney, robot, and cute image

7 - I love horror films

90s, Halloween, and movie image
Scream (1996)

8 - Criss Angel is my idol and biggest inspiration

karen, love, and criss angel image

9 - I graduated High School when I was 17

Image by Megan Lynn Hostetler

10 - Cats and pandas are my favorite animals

cat, cute, and animal image

11 - Vanilla Coke is my favorite thing to drink

cherry, coca cola, and coke image
(Cherry's ok too but I prefer vanilla)

12 - Autumn is my favorite season

autumn, September, and love image

13 - I hate sports

14 - I'm a filmmaker

Image by Megan Lynn Hostetler
One of my short films. All of my projects are available on YouTube under "Megan Lynn Hostetler"

15 - I'm decently fluent in Sign Language

deaf, life, and sign image

16 - I have a Great Dane

dogs and great dane image
My Great Dane, Sammie.

17 - My favorite band is Korn

black and white, korn, and old image

18 - I was almost suspended in high school for failure to follow the school's hair color code. It was an ongoing battle, countless days in the principle's office. Literally the entire school knew about it.

me, red hair, and my photo image
(Actual photo of me)

19 - I'm American

usa, flag, and america image

20 - I am strongly Anti-Trump

blue, green, and stop sign image

Hope you guys enjoyed this. I know it's irrelevant but it was fun to make!