Confidence changes lives... but it's so hard to find and to hold on to.

We see all of our flaws under a magnifying lens - so much bigger than they really are. We are our own worst critics, believing that everyone else has it all together and we don't compare.

Everyone feels not good enough. It's part of the human condition - to doubt, to wonder, to prepare for the worst.

I see this ALL the time when I coach or talk to young women who want to be girl bosses. They see these rich, gorgeous social media bloggers and vloggers running their own businesses and desperately want that - but don't think they are good enough to get it. To do it or be it. Maybe they're not smart enough or pretty enough or rich enough. But I want to let you know something - YOU CAN DO IT. You can do whatever you dream of.

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Whatever that dream is or whatever that goal takes, I believe in you. And I want you to start TODAY.

None of the people you see behind the screen are superhuman. They're not the smartest or the prettiest or the most deserving. And you don't have to be to be successful - to do something worthwhile, to achieve your dream.

Just start today.

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Meghan 💕