How to build confidence. There is no specific way to build confidence. There are no rules for how to feel great in your own skin. Everyone is different, which is why we should all feel confident being ourselves.

I didn't wake up one day saying "I think I'll be confident today." I hope you caught that Legally Blonde reference. Anyways, building confidence takes time, that's why it's called building confidence. You should wake up everyday and tell yourself no matter what happens, I know that I love myself and nobody can change that.

"No one is you and that is your power." Part of building confidence is that knowing that just because someone is beautiful, it doesn't mean you aren't beautiful as well. Someone is always going to be more beautiful. Someone is always going to be smarter. But those people aren't you. You are the flame that brightens everything. You are perfect the way you are right now.

Finally, there will always be those days where you feel unworthy. That is okay. Even Beyonce has those days. Alright, maybe not Beyonce, but you get the point. It's normal to feel that way. It's just part of being human. As long as you don't make it a habit to count your flaws, that feeling will pass. However, it you do count your flaws, try instead to count all the things you love about yourself. As soon as you start counting your flaws, take a deep breath and start saying everything you love about yourself. And of course remember that you are confident.