12:00 am
sigh i was bored and sad...as i watched people's snapchat stories. Everyone was snapchatting what they were doing with their friends...where as i was beginning to feel like i had no friends at all. But just as i finished watching some girl's story i saw my friend had posted a story! i was excited because we hadn't spoken in the longest time and we never got to see each other that much, not to mention we never got to talk because she was never active on any of her social media. I quickly opened up her story, it read, " Bored. HMU?" i eagerly swiped up and typed "Wad Up" Finally, after a few minutes she responded with "Hi" and then the conversation continued on with us sending each other funny videos and memes. Now i am a person who likes to joke about drugs so i sent my friend a video and captioned it, " LOL! She's sniffing cocaine" but only as a joke (the girl wasn't actually sniffing cocaine) My friend replied a few minutes after with "That's cool! But i wouldn't try it...I should know." I was a little confused at this reply so i just said "Yeah, We've all been there." She quickly responded with "Oh please, I bet you haven't even smoked weed. I have," I got hit with feeling of confusion. For some reason that made me feel evil, it made me feel evil that she smoked weed. I guess it was because I'm that good girl and wouldn't even dare smoke a cigarette let lone weed...I felt betrayed. I felt as if i didn't know her anymore...as if i had lost the only friend i had...as if i didn't know who she was anymore.