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Potential Love Interest?

Okay, maybe not my soulmate, but someone I could see myself with. We are extremely similar and he makes me laugh, he's smart, and well raised. A plus is that both his parents are extremely nice as well.

There's a problem though. I am struggling on how I should ask him for his number without it being weird. I only seem him a few times a year when our families link up and each time I psych myself out of asking him for it.


I'll keep y'all posted.

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My Monthly Goals

˙ Get 8 hours of sleep every night
˙ Work out every day
˙ Keep up with articles
˙ Finish A Book
˙Save up for Homecoming needs

The Wrap-Up

This was shorter than I usually do but I'm content with it. I also tried to do a very minimal look to the images I choose. I hope y'all liked it.


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ALSO ALSO, look forward to Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty Sale gals and guys for 50% off certain products all month long. Also, Rihanna is releasing her beauty line too with 40 foundation shades!! That's amazing and deserves mega support. Another thing in makeup news is Nyx is launching a beautiful palette and lip collection called In Your Element. There are six palettes, Air, Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Metal. With corresponding colors. So look into that.

The Actual End

Thanks for listening!!

Also please check out my friend's articles, she inspired me to start weheartit articles !!!