I know what it's like being short, I have dealt with it. I'm a 17 year old girl that is 4'4, so if your a short girl, you must deal with things I deal with everyday, but there are positives to being short too, so here are some of them:
-we are able to hide in small places
-we can get called cute names
-we can skip people in line without even knowing
-We can save money on buying clothes and shoes in the kids section
-We don't have to worry about bumping your head on things or having to duck
-Heels are made for any short girl
-We are small enough to be given a piggy back ride
-In hide at seek we are the best at hiding anywhere
-We never have to worry about blocking someone's view when your at the movies or at a concert
-We can sleep in any bed and be comfortable
-When we are travelling we have a lot more leg room then taller people.
-We are the perfect little spoon
-We don't have to worry about being taller then our crush
So yes ladies these are some of the positives about being short, and if someone tells you mean comments about being short just ignore them, you shouldn't waste your energy on those types of people.