Lately I feel lost, I’ve had so many problems in less than two years. I try to give the best of having good vibes, but I feel that I’m missing so much to feel completely happy again. I know that life is hard, I have always known since I was little, but as time goes on and I become almost an adult it seems that everything hits me harder and at the same time this continue to make me a person so hard that I feel frozen.

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Always in the dark there are flashes of light, for me have been my four best friends, go out with them, definitely social networks have been a refuge, I have read more than ever in this time and work has also been a flash. I feel that I seek my place and I do not find it. Very inside of me I know that everything will happen and better days will come for me and that little by little will thaw not only my soul, but my heart too.

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