1. My favourite Anime is Shinzo.
2. As far as I can remember, I currently have none of the traits of a Taurus.
3. Irrational fear of dolls (Pediophobia).
4. Love Hawaiian pizza ('Nuff said).
5. Always wanted my first tattoo to be Jimmy Euringers signature.
6. Favourite flowers are orange Tiger Lillies.
7. Pet peeve..."You're" and "Your".
8. Prefer a hot climate than a cold one (What did you expect? I'm Thai).
9. Unlucky number is 9.
10. Courgettes/Zucchini's are complete bullshit.
11. Favourite movie is, "Road to Perdition".
12. Current favourite song is, "Summer Breeze" by Tobu.
13. Always wanted to learn, "Theme of Laura" and "Kryptonite" on guitar.
14. Favourite jokes are anything with, "That's what she said".
15. Favourite meme is, "England is my City".
16. Gotten over Nytophobia.
17. I have two front false teeth.
18. Always wanted to see the Northern Lights.
19. Only fractured my right elbow and it hurts if I lean on it for longs periods at a time or accidentally smack something onto it.
20. I spend more time on Westpac than I do on FB.