I have always loved to dance. When someone turns on a song my immediate reaction is to dance!!! Dancing is a way to express yourself. I love music so much!! If you love music then you should definitely try dance. You should first find out what kind of dance you want to do. Watch some youtube videos and find out which type of dance is you! Im a jazz dancer, Ballerina, and hip hop dancer. Im also an acrobat but that is not dance so i will not be talking about acrobatics in this article.

The reasons i love dance are:
It makes me feel like i am part of the music that im dancing to

Dancing is fun

Dancing cheers me up

I love music, so why not dance!!!!

I have so many reasons why i love dance that i cant even name them all!!!
Well, i just wanted to write this article for you guys, i hope you enjoyed reading this. Im sorry that this is short..