Oh, what am I even doing here?
Okay, so I decided to write some things about myself!

1- I love fruit. My favorite are grapes.
2- I hate when people try to scare me. Just don't.
3- I listen to many types of music. One day we'll talk about it.
4- I am a little more introverted than extroverted, and some people think i'm shy, but i am not. If I do not speak a lot around you, I probably just don't feel comfortable.
5- I love memes. Memes are awesome.
6- I am Brazilian.Yay!
7- And I think Brazilian memes are the best. Because we make fun of everything (HUEHUE BR).
8- I am starting to take care of some plants and I REALLY enjoy them.
9- My friends are amazing and I just wanted to show how much I love them.
10- I'm not sure if I like talking about myself like this. We'll figure it out.

Anyway, this is my second post and maybe I will continue posting articles. I'm kinda enjoying it! lol