She was a quiet soul, a calm spirit but always had this childish side; she would smile like one. A smile full of innocence, hope and much love.
I can guarantee you that she wasn't the happiest soul on earth, I could see that in her eyes even if she tried to hide it.
But she believed in herself, she believed that she was capable of doing more, living more than just a boring normal life because she wasn't an average person.
She was insisting on leaving her print and bringing at least a tiny bit of joy to this miserable world.
She would listen to all kinds of people attentively without having any judgement and help them as much as she could, but unfortunately the main problem in her life was within herself. She came to a point where she realized that she had no control on most of the issues surrounding her. On the other hand she was only trying to handle this angry storm within her and calm that inner annoying voice making her suffer.