I'm going to tell you the crazy story about how I got my nickname..not! The story isn't exiting or much of a story at all. My nickname is Chey, short for Cheyanne. I have been called Chey for as long as I can remember. Or to my dad, I'm pook. Or to my brothers, I was orge or wildebeest. Assholes!
I suppose it's just easier calling me Chey but then why even name me Cheyanne, ya know? Chey is the name I am called on a day to day basis. It's kind of funny though, when somebody asks me what my name is, it's Cheyanne.
When I was in middle school, I had a group of buddies that didn't even call me by Chey, they called me ChyGuy. And the short story behind that is that one day I was hanging out with those same buddies and we just started rhyming things with our first names. Why? Boredom. So we each got our own stupid nicknames that stayed within' the circle. All of the nicknames died off pretty shortly after but mine just stuck. Nobody calls me ChyGuy except for those same people in that circle that I see on occasion.
And those are the awesome stories behind my nicknames. Enjoy I guess.