In 1987, INXS released its most successful album, Kick. The song "Need You Tonight" reached the top of the charts while "Devil Inside," "Never Tear Us Apart" and "New Sensation," broke into the Top 10. Along with the band's meteoric rise, Hutchence himself was extremely popular with his personable charm and good looks. Kick is the sixth studio album of INXS, released by WEA in Australia, Atlantic Records in the United States and Mercury Records in Europe.
At the 1988 MTV Video Music Awards, the band took home five Moonmen for the "Need You Tonight"/"Mediate" video.
Kick was noted for being in sync with the visual media of the late 80's, which is instantly evident in the album's opening track "Guns in the Sky", as the song describes the state of the world and its obsession with arms. The rest of the album focuses on themes of fun, love and excess; "New Sensation" and "Calling All Nations" are both about a partying lifestyle while "Never Tear Us Apart" describes an instant connection between two people who form a bond that will last forever. The sequencing of "Need You Tonight" and "Mediate" contrast in lyrics, as the former exudes intimacy while the latter addresses social concerns such as apartheid.
The album was certified six time platinum by the RIAA and spawned four us to 10 single "NEVER TEAR US APART"."devil inside" and "NEED YOU TONIGHT" . Especially with NEED YOU TONIGHT, the band reached the top of billboard's singles chart.