I recently finished a great and complicated stage of my life.
I believe that is one of the most important phases of any one”s life.
I finished my graduation.
I took one weight from above my shoulders, I conclude my objective and I left my family proud, I am proud to see my effort to have been rewarded.
I feel relieved but at the same time a little emptier.
I know that now I have not the routine of going to class, don”t have any more works, don”t need to stay day”s and night”s closed at home with the head stuck in papers.
So, now the way is onward.
My life is going to begin now.
I”m going to enter into a new world, the true competition is going to begin, the true despair, the challenge of finding a good job in the area that you studied.
The market of work, for me the «big monster», and I think of any student who just graduate (at least of where I come from), the market is full. No matter how hard I look for and I try to make my mark, it”s necessary a little of luck, luck to find someone that is disposed to give me a chance.
Because people are not born taught, and it is not only with what is done and learns in the university that we get prepared / trained to fulfill a function (at least my course they not train us for any function in the area) so, in my case, I am on the search, desperately, for an opportunity.
A possibility to show my value, my perfectionism and professionalism.
I do not have any experience, but I know that I will be as good as the best one, because I accept any challenge, and when I commit With something I take everything to the front.
I want to see my effort and dedication to be recognized and want to learn with the best ones. I have my objectives well tracings, my efforts are in action and patiently/desperately wait for my time.