So it is 1:30 AM and i should probably go to sleep because i have school tomorrow and my alarm goes of at six but i just can't sleep. There is a thing in my mind and i just want to talk about it right now.
I don't really know how to explain it so i will give it to you in an example.
Almost a year ago I was really shy and i often didnt wear the clothes i wanted to wear because i was afraid of what people would think of me. With the time it got better but i often thought "No if i wear that, people will think i am like every other girl who is wearing that"
And i think it is so dumb to think that. Just because many other people wear the same shirt or the same shoes that i want to wear, i shouldnt wear them? Fuck it i'm going to wear and do whatever i want when i like it.
As if every girl is the same just because she is wearing the same things as another girl.
And i think that often these are boys who say something like this but please, isn't every second boy today looking the same as well ?
yeah well i think you got the idea of the aricle sooo, wear whatever you want, fuck what everyone else is thinking or saying and enjoy your style :)