Hello! This is my first article and I'm so excited to be writing this!

This is something really important to me because it really help me, so I was like: Why I don't share it with the people? So here I am.

I few years ago my mom used to tell me all the time 'you are so negative' and well, after a million 'you are so negative' from my mom I decided to do something about it!

So here there are my tips!

Write down every week (or every month) of everything you are grateful for.
This is somehting really important and not only helps you to be positive, it helps to be really grateful with people and to appreciate more the people you are with.

Make a collage with people or moments you love.
What a better idea to wake up and see the collage in the morning, remembering the best moments you've ever had with the best people.

Cut negative people out of your life.
I know this is really hard, it happened to me and it sucks, but trust me, it worth it.

Avoid media sites that make you feel dread or negativity.
It's pretty hard but what I did is I stopped following accs like
@ roasting/randomartist and depressing pages.

Listen to motivational podcast.
Do what Ray Kroc used to do (If you don't know him is the owner of Mc'Donalds) he used to listen motivational cd's to do not get negative and don't loose hope.

Every time you feel really postive spread your postivity to the loved one who surround you.
One of the most beautiful things is to hug someone and say "I love you" or "Thank you."

I hope this help you because this is something everyone needs to be happy!