The first time I posted this, late at night I just.... got scared to say my opinion for some reason and I immediately deleted it in the morning. But then I regretted it and thought I shouldn't be afraid to talk about things that matter to me. So if you're among the few who've seen this the first time I wrote it, I'm sorry. Also, this article initially contained 3 songs, but I cut it to the two most important.

Talking to myself

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I have been obsessed with it since the moment it came out, it is amazing. It is much harder and sadder to listen to Linking Park since Chester passed. Well, It's not like life doesn't move on, it does, it just... left a void that can't be filled by anyone else. This band just gave me so much through the music & years that I've been listening to it. It helped in my teenage angst moments and in some bad days of adult life. I wish I would have cherished them more when he was around. I hope Chester found his peace and that Mike and the rest (Joe, Rob, Brad and Dave) will stay strong.

Frankly, it has been Eminem and Linkin Park who've been keeping me above the drowning line for so many times.

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First time I heard it I thought it was about Chester battling his demons, his inner self fighting with the person he has become, trying to escape. It gets even more heartbreaking to know that he wrote this from his wife's perspective of him and whom he has become.
The song is dear to me for quite a few reasons. I'm loving it because it's great, but also holding onto it as a memory of Linkin Park's last song with a video of them as a full band. The video is so sweet, showing the band members having a good time, being dorks on tour.

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YouTube Link:

If you have the time to listen to the whole album though, I'd recommend it:


Inspiring Image on We Heart It

OK, I know this has probably already been talked about and most of you already saw the video & heard the song, but I really wanna shine more light on it, cause it's so wonderful. I am... or was not a fan up until I discovered this song.

YouTube Link:

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I just wanna appreciate both the awareness that this artist of his voice in the world and what it could mean to other people, what hope it can give, and the rawness in the lyrics. The fact that he doesn't sugarcoat it. Suicide is a problem, but there is help. Please talk to somebody if you're going through depression or are having thoughts about suicide. Talking to your family or friends is fine, talking to a therapist is ideal, but not everyone's close ones are understanding and not everyone can afford a therapist. Here's the link to the Tumblr hotline list:

The video also moved me and broke my heart at the same time. It's so sad that people still hold prejudice and bash LGBTQ people, it's absurd. But the ceremony at the end really healed me.

And here's a link to an interview of Logic talking about this song, it's really good, I recommend seeing his point of view. Here's a link to that:

Thank you for reading!

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