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I feel profound
In the most innocent way you can imagine
I feel profound as an ocean
And every time I walk I feel the waves of my interior waters moving
I even feel like there are sirens inside me
Those mythical and lovely creatures
I would like a kiss from one of them, even knowing that at the end my last breath would be of pain
Suddenly, just out of nowhere, I would like that in that last breath of life with the knotty companion of pain, a caress from the petals of that famed rose, love
Because even in the thorny end of life, I would like to see in the profoundness of the eyes of that delirious dame,
The one who triggers the sighs in the lovers
She always walks trough the habitation, tasting how the innocent hearts fall for her
She knows I'm just a fishbowl, with no ships, no fishes just clear water that moves ferociously for her
The crests that everyday get more colossal that much that I'm terrified that someday the can drown me
And in what I'm going to drown?
I'm going to drown myself in a unnerving feeling,
that I've never named
Like the creatures that are always after me,
they have never mauled me, neither help me,
they're just bystanders of my life,
they watch me from the shadows, corners, rooftops, from everywhere they can hide while eye witnessing me
But they won't see me long, 'cause the warmness of the lady I chase will evaporate my water, my sirens will die, my fishes will ache
'Cause she deceived me, she told me that everything in her matter was delightful
But everything here's rotten, counting my brand new heart, that's now all tainted in black poison
I cry of misfortune, despair, woe and a dolorous sentiment of deceit
But what deceit? you never betrayed me
You just amazed me with false words
Distorted poems of a land which doesn't exist
How sad to know that everything you trusted, betrayed you, softly, leisurely, the worst part is that you told me that,
The red lady of sighs