I walked in with a veil obstructing the view of my fearless facial expression. There it was, standing in the middle of the venue, the casket that my cold dead body was supposed to be in. Standing next to it, a portrait of my smiling face. And there he was, his hand over my casket, feigning grief over my death. His dark eyes rose to meet my own cold grey ones as I stood in front of my own casket to pay my respects. For a slight second his expression faltered. I turned towards the exit.
"How?" he questioned once he got a hold of my arm outside the venue. The pouring rain fell over me as I swiftly turned to take one last sharp look at my husband.
"You're supposed to be in the casket, this isn't possible!" he raised his voice. I smiled at his desperate cries for an explanation. Well, wasn't this amusing. I leaned in to kiss him one last time. He loosened his grip.
"Check the casket," I murmured into his neck. One last smile and I left him there, in the pouring rain, ready to start my life somewhere else.