Wanna hear some audios that helps u Being concentrated? Tide is the best APP u can use! U can control time and choose 1 of 5 diferent audios! It will make u feel confortable and ready for Study Time
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SlideShare is the perfect APP to everyone trying to find powerpoints, easy, free and full of diferent themes! Just create your account so u can save PowerPoints and read them whenever you want!
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Learn an new lenguage never was so easy! With Duolingo u can lern +20 diferent idioms and have a competition with your friends! Who can learn more words?
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Always bring extra material in your bag, like 2 pencils or 2 pens because you might need if you lost one or if the cuttest girl in school ask you to borrow it.
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Take a picture of yours new schedule on the first day of school and set it as your lockscreen so you can remember where you have to go.
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Good light and coffee can help you concentrate in your studies.
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Have always your full material when studying. Going to get up and get the material over and over again will make you less concentraid and lose information.
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If you need to search information for school essays, instead of using, use
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Eating chocolate while studying can improve your skills.
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Speak out loud instead of just reading. Your brain will catch information faster.
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Put tea bags im your shoes after gym, it will keep them fresh.
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Times New Roman is the fastest font to read.
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Use diferent highlighters so u can find information faster! (Example: Pink- names, yellow- Dates, green- places, blue- importante words, orange- definitions)
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A really great way to study when you depend a lot from technologies, is start making your own PowerPoints on your phone or laptop! If u update it everyday, It would be easy to study for the exam!
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If u want to save time in the morning try to choose your clothes at night, u can also take a shower and prepare your backpack! If u do this, you can waste time in the morning stydying! Morning its the best time to read some information or end those homeworks you forgot!
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