Hello and welcome to my personal addition to my articles๐ŸŒธ

So my name is Lexi, hi there!
I am an amazing resident of Canada!!
I live where there is peace and quiet in this loud world. Kinda in the middle of no where..
I attend a small school under 110 students. And I love it!!
I am in grade 10, and a top "A" student.

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My personal interests in life are teen wolf, cute animals, fashion, self care, nature, sports, music, writing, Netflix, and loving my boyfriend endlessly :p

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I am a very open person, like a book. Once you get to know me you basically know everything about me.I hope I get know many other "hearters" through these articles as well.

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One of my dream things to do is to travel some of the world after graduation. Somewhere tropical like Brazil or Thailand. I'm also wanting to go to Paris and The Stone Henge.

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I will be posting more personal articles throughout the end of this year so keep your eyes open! ๐Ÿ‘€

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