Nobody can tell us what love is becouse love is everything and anything, and we all love differently.
Love is a dangerous thing.

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You do crazy things for love.
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Stuff you would normally laugh at, or not even consider become like regular to you.

It’s unbelievable that such a small word can have such a great effect on people. Only four letters long, but it can last a lifetime.

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It makes you feel so strong or so weak, maybe even at the same time. It can make you go insane but it can also make you whole.
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I don’t think you can control who you fall in love with. Some things are just meant to be. Sure, you can ignore what your heart tells you and you can watch as the person you love passes you by, but in the end, you still fell in love with them.

But sometimes it’s best if you don’t say everything your heart whispers to you.

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Sometimes you get hurt by the people you love. And then you get scared to love again.
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But, isn’t life about taking different risks? And God knows love is the greatest risk you’ll ever have to take.

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That moment when you bare your heart for the person to see, that’s the greatest leap of faith you can take.
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You can be scared and confident at the same time, knowing they might reject you or knowing that they might accept you. Sometimes though, you know they won’t accept you and you never tell them how you feel.
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Consider yourself lucky, blessed even. Some don’t listen to their hearts, ignore what had been whispered, or maybe shouted to them by that beating drum. They might find somebody else, but every time you love it will be different.

This love is indefinable. If your love is definable, I think it's too narow and so is your mind. Especially when you are defining it by denying/ against it, by all means your love is pinned down on the wall. It's trapped and so are you. Or maybe you are just not funny and silly.

Love is vulnerabilty. Maybe that's why I'm not good at it.
Love isn't just actions. Maybe that's why they leave.
Love is delusional. Maybe that's why I'm still holding on.
Love is confusing. Maybe that's I feel alone.
Love is love and maybe that's why I wouldn't have it any other way.
— Anonimus

Love is what you feel inside.