My favourite colour is orange.
It hasn’t always been, honestly before she screamed it at me I never really saw the beauty of it.
‘I bet I could guess your favourite colour, so don’t tell me!’ She laughed at me, my God she was so adorable.
'Ok, my darling’ I calmly said back, at this point I was pretty set on liking the colour red, for its darker and simple beauty. It made things like blood seem positive? You know, and I always wore red socks to get me through the week.
'Orange!’ She jumped up and shouted in my face. Like I said before, Orange had never crossed my mind like red had but, now I could see it 'how did you guess?!’ I told her pulling her towards me, she giggled and fell onto me. I knew Orange would always be my favourite now and I would remember it, because she made it beautiful for me, it reminded me of her and a beautiful sunset that’s so calm and silent. I would buy orange socks now, when we get married there will be orange at our wedding and our beautiful baby’s cot will be orange. I already knew it.
'Sweetheart, I love you so much.’ It’s moments like this that I truly know that I love her, when she gets so excited about something and creates a childlike smile and jumps around, it’s very rare but I’m happy I share it with her
'I love you too’ She smiles back.
And when she smiled I thought about that orange sunset.
I loved her because she made me forget about red like it never existed

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-My favourite colour