I've gotten a couple requests to make a new article, due to the interest in my last one I published. So, i've listened & I'm BACK BITCHES! No but in all seriousness, I thought I'd share how my instagram pictures are taken. I have always wanted to put this into detail but a 15 second instagram story is just never enough!


Ok what did you expect? "I wake up & stare at the camera in my perfectly natural glory!" Umm yea no.

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Perfect ex. of my personal fave picture angle

In the picture right above, I'm using the "straight forward angle". It's where you just look directly at the camera, not really holding the phone too high. I might raise the phone a bit or move my chin a little lower but I'm quite proud of this beauty up here :)

Another look I try, mostly with bathroom pictures, is the "high up" angle. Holding the camera a little less than an inch over my head or about the height of my head. Btw I'm just naming these angle straight out of random. I find using this angle on selfies with the front camera just makes my eyes look weird.

I personally don't use this last one but I thought I'd mention it, in case you're one of those lucky souls that look good with it. This is the "low camera" angle. Yup, holding the camera low. Chin length or lower. If I, for whatever reason, use this angle I lower my face. Clearly, this is not my favorite but I get there are some ethereal people out there & they might benefit from this angle too.


Instagram for me, not always, but mostly has a theme. My theme is warm or just well lit(I'm just as confused as you are). I have created a whole collection on here of hearted pics that I think best describes what I would like my IG to blossom into:

Aren't some of these users/images so pretty!?

I think my instagram will get better, of course with time & effort. College has began again & work, so ya know, I get how not everyone has time everyday to get ready or plan out a whole IG week layout like a crazy person! Some of my lighting inspo comes from tumblr! My entire blog is based on well lit beautiful photos! I guess there are three components to a well lit picture. Three, 'cause ya know, sunlight is free.

Find a nicely lit area. I personally like REALLY sunny areas. Lots of pictures are taken from my backyard. I try not to look directly at the sun. Look I get it, its got the best sunlight but its not the exactly best choice. If the sunlight gives me a goldenish lit image, perfect, if it doesn't, find a gold or yellow background! My biggest tip with sunlight is to look with the sunlight not against. That'll just block the light. (Ex. Look out the window, not with your back towards the window)


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Ugh! Fave picture, look how cute I look!

If you can find a sweet spot in between like the sun & a tree. The BAM you have a shadow like my masterpiece above! Personally, I enjoy the shadow on my face but if its through your clothing or the wall behind you, its fine! As long as it comes out in the picture, you got yourself a cute little shadow effect. Defo will let you know, sometimes these shadows/casts can shine at your eye, not always but they can. If they do, change where it casts to your outfit or anywhere that's not your face. Luckily it won't always do that & you just need to play with around with the angles!

This going to sound soooo specific but I am totally a background person. That means I will risk a weird angle just so the weird blanket in the back doesn't make a surprise appearance!

My personal liking is a wall or a not too "busy" background. I still like to have a little bit of towels on the clothing line or something atypical, just so its obvious I'm a normal person & not some person with a ridiculously different life than others.

Don't look at it

You obviously need to look at it, but don't over do it. You look great, I promise. If you keep looking at it, you will become insecure. Don't miss out on sharing such a beautiful picture because of a small flaw in the picture.


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Bye Sunshines! 💕