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After spending a lot of our time around Jimbaran and Canggu, Kevin and me decided to head over to Ubud. When we we're studying here, we had visited Ubud just once and felt like we hadn't seen anything of its surroundings by far.

From our home in Jimbaran it takes around 1,5 hour to get to the center of Ubud. We both packed a small backpack before we hopped on our motorcycle and drove up to Ubud.

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Puri Gangga Resort, Ubud

Since we arrived in the dark, we decided to eat in and relax so we would be well-rested when exploring Ubud the next day. Coming from the Southern part of the island, Ubud felt quite 'cold' and humid. For the first time since we arrived in Bali, we actually needed to wear long sleeves at night, haha!

Puri Gangga Resort is located extremely close to Puri Gunung Kawi Sebatu, also known as the temple of Holy Water. The resort offers free bicycles and yoga classes in the morning. Coming from Holland we actually wanted to try the bicycles, but with all the hills in the surrounding area that didn't seem like a good plan.

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Tegelalang Rice Paddies

The resort is located in Tegelalang, which means that the beautiful Tegelalang rice paddies are basically in its backyard. If you want to visit Ubud, it will take approximately 30 minutes by motorcycle to get there. I can imagine that this might be a bit too far from the centre for some people, but the surroundings are incredibly breath taking. This totally makes up for the drive down to Ubud.

The staff at Puri Gangga is dressed in traditional Balinese clothing and extremely friendly. During (the included) breakfast, they love to ask questions to learn more about you and your plans in Ubud.

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Tegelalang Rice Paddies

The resort is clean, quiet and has a beautiful infinity pool with an amazing view. Even when we were there during peak season, there were hardly any people hanging by the pool. Please note that Puri Gangga Resort is a bit secluded, which caused the internet connection to be quite slow. I really needed some time off the grid and spending time in Ubud matches that need perfectly ;-)

We stayed at Puri Gangga Resort for three days before we headed back to Canggu. Ubud is beautiful and it was great to get some fresh air in the mountains after spending a lot of time in crowded Kuta and Seminyak. I would definitely recommend staying outside of Ubud in a hotel like Puri Gangga Resort. The fact that it's less touristy and crowded definitely adds to the whole Ubud experience.

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The Puri Gangga Infinity Pool

To summarize all advantages:
✧ Amazing infinity pool and view
✧ Very close to the iconic Tegelalang rice paddies
✧ Honest and friendly staff
✧ Verrry quiet with lots of privacy
✧ Great breakfast

Interested in a stay at Puri Gangga Resort? Definitely check out their website: