This is an article about my huge obsession with languages

Ever since probably middle school I loved languages. I'm half Hispanic (Cuban) and most of my family spoke Spanish while I was growing up, except for me. When I was finally forced to learn it in school I realized how much I loved the idea of going home and speaking a different language and then going to school and speaking another. My love for languages began with French. I wanted to learn it instead of Spanish but of course my family recommended that I began with the language they spoke at home. I disagreed with that but now I'm grateful that I can take my language learning skills and still learn French if I wanted to.

I began to become obsessed with the idea of becoming a polygot probably a couple years ago. I started with something easier: Esperanto. I have now learned its not that easy to learn 2 languages that are very close to each other at the same time. Esperanto and Spanish have a good amount of similarities.

  • Then I read the Percy Jackson series and I wanted to learn Greek.
  • I watched the show SKAM and of course wanted to learn Norwegian.
  • Then my spanish friends were taking German classes and I wanted to learn German.
  • I began to listen to kpop and learn korean.
  • My friends and I were having a duolingo contest and we learned Italian together.

Every reason I had to learn a language seemed funny and like I wouldn't really commit right? Despite not being fluent in every language I love, I have begun to pick up different skills from learning languages. For example, when I started learning Korean (which I still am), I noticed the 'g' sound-ish letter (hard to explain): "ㄱ" looks like gamma in greek "Γ" just backwards. Things like that make language learning so fun for me.

If you want to learn a new language do it! You don't have to become fluent but have fun with it.