They say love is the strongest and most beautiful thing in the world….

But does love still exists? And if it exists are we loving others the way we are supposed to love or are we doing it our way and thinking it is love.
I never saw true love or at least not yet not even from the people that I truly wanted them to show it to me.

If someone asks what comes in your mind when you hear the word love, I’ll answer: cheating, betrayal, pain and waste of time. Those are the 4 things that comes in my mind. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t see love like a beautiful thing and then I remember all the things I have seen and heard.

I’m still young and I haven’t experienced love yet not in a romantic way. I’m scared of loving. I’m scared of the pain that love leaves behind. How can someone love you while they are cheating on you or hitting you or teasing you with killer words?

Is this the love that we have in this generation? The love we are praying to have. If it is I don’t want it.

Nowadays it’s all about sex and how many “partners” you can have at once. And if it’s not that it’s about abusing, feeling like you have the power over your partner.