What is this something that we want to have it so much, for what we are looking for? We just simply don't know, we are so trapped in this searching, we don't see what is around us, what we have now, not what we want to have.
Let's enjoy for the little things that realy matters, let's find somethig that make us happy, even if its just for a while. Tomorow is another day, we don't know how is gonna to be, a shiny day, a cloudy day or even a rainy day, all this matter, some people like rain ( I love rain ) others like sun.

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There is something for all of us, music, pictures, peoples, we just have to find them. Music speaks about our feelings, emotions; pictures give us a new perspective to see another face of life ( if we choose to see the good one ).

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What about a book, what is a book? when you sit there, in the corner, in a confortable chair and read a good book and find that those characters are perfectly made for you or, are just the perfect illusion of what you want to have ( I love Divergent Four and Tris are the perfect couple).
Enjoy the reading!

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Do you have a thing or enything else that you love so much, something special, something that gives you a little feeling, an object, a toy or a lucky thing that means a lot for you ( I have 15 bracelets, each one means something, for example the four elements, I wear them everywhere I go ). You are never to old for anything,

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So, what can I say more, nothing, just be who you are, for what you are, never let somebody to tells you what to do or what to be, you are special in your way, you love what you want to love and stop, just for a moment and find that something that really matter.