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It's 12 o'clock.
You've just closed your laptop
You are ready for going to sleep
Everyone inside the house is already sleeping
You turn the lights off, you grab your favourite blanket and you fall on your bed
Everything is so quiet..You can even hear yourself breathing..
You are ready to close your eyes..
Suddenly a sound from the ground
You think "Maybe one member of the family is awakening", to calm yourself
you close your eyes again
Few seconds later a strange whistle..
You say " Okay that's definitely the wind"
You try to sleep but the whislte continues...
You try to calm yourself and at the same time you feel your heart beats,
Beats fast..You feel the need to hide inside your blanket ,you close your eyes with power..You try to make good thoughts,to avoid the game minds, and take deep breaths to help you fall asleep ..
That's fear deary..

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Previous night:
"Tomorrow I have a test and I want to write good "
Next day in class:
Now it's the time for the test.. I'm ready.. I studied so hard theese days for this test and it's an important one.. I have to write well..".
You check out the question and the exercises...
Question 6 "Tell us about what you know about the
Industrial Revolution"
" oh no that was the only lesson I couldn't learn well because it has all these dates!!"
Okay, move on..
Oo exercise 2 "Match the dates with the correct events"..
"How will I remember the events and their dates?"
You start felling your stomach strange.. you lose control.. your heart beat fast.. you can't believe that you don't remember what you've studied.. you can't believe that these days you haven't slept because you have studied the test..
"NO NO NO!!! I really wanted to succed",you say inside you
You talk to yourself.. saying "you can do this.. please.. don't give up.."
But ,Your body doesn't listen..
you've been sweaty.. your head is aching.. you have lost control and you can't breath..
the pressure is so big.. so hard to handle the situation.. you feel that you have forgotten everything..NO HELP..You're sinking like Titanic..
you start crying inside you and quietly..
you don't want the others know what you've been through right now..
That situation is called anxienty and trust me all of us face it once in our lives..

Sooo guys that was the Part2 of "Sometimes you feel.."
I hope you liked and that I succeded to describe the situations as realistic as I could

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