Hello beautiful people♥

These are fall treats you need to try this autumn, and I hope you'll enjoy ♥
You can find recipes on the Internet, if you want,this is just a suggestion♥

1. Chocolate turtle apple slices♥

apple, caramel, and chocolate image

2 . Pumpkin whoopie pies♥

baking, holiday, and whoopie pies image

3 . Caramel apple cupcakes♥

apple, caramel, and cupcakes image

4 . Apple cider donuts♥

donuts, food, and autumn image

5 . Healthy caramel apples♥

autumn, apple, and fall image

6 . Chestnut mascarpone mousse♥

cake, chestnut, and mousse image

7 . Cheesecake brownies♥

caramel, dessert, and food image

8 . Candy corn cookies♥

candy corn, Cookies, and sweet image

9 . Pumpkin-seed brittle♥

food and spices image

10 . Apple oatmeal cookies♥

apple, oatmeal, and Cookies image

That's it♥
Hope you liked it♥
Much love♥

( @my_little_world__ )