I absolutely love Halloween! During the month of October, I watch a bunch of Halloween inspired flicks with my friends and family.

For my very first article, I'm going to recommend five Halloween movies I usually watch to get into the Halloween spirit. I hope you enjoy!

1.The Halloweentown movie series
Halloweentown is about a girl named Kimberly finding out she's a witch and all the hardships she has to face in order to save her town from bad supernatural creatures.

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This is honestly one of my favourite Halloween movie series! I remember watching these movies as a kid on the family channel, and I fell in love with them ever since. I definitely recommend these movies to you, if you are not a fan of hardcore horror movies. Also very family friendly!

2.The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas is about a beloved Pumpkin King by the name of Jack Skellington, who becomes bored with the same yearly traditions of scaring people in the "real world". When Jack mistakenly notices Christmastown, he's immediately amazed.

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This is like my second, or third time watching this movie, and I really like it. I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton movies, I love the stories he tells through his art. I wouldn't say this movie is scary, I would say it's creepy. So, if you're not a fan of creepy imagery, this movie is not exactly for you. Other than that, this is one of my favourite movies! And I LOVE the opening song!

3.Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride is about a man named Victor, the son of fish merchants and, Victoria, the daughter of snobbish aristocrats, are preparing for their arranged marriage. After Victor ruins the wedding rehearsal, he runs off to a nearby forest to practice his wedding vows, placing the wedding ring on a upturned tree root. The root surprisingly turns out to be the finger of a murdered woman in a disheveled wedding gown named Emily.

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This is my all time favourite Tim Burton movie! I just love the story Tim Burton tells. Again, this movie has some quite creepy imagery, so if you're not a fan of creepy movies, I don't suggest you watch it. The first time I watched this movie, I was pretty young, and it really frightened me. So, I suggest you watch this movie WITH your younger sibling, child, etc.

4.Monster House
Monster House is about three kids who investigate a house they believe is "possessed" by a woman who used to live in it.

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OK.... This is my FAVOURITE all time Halloween movie!! I watched this movie when I was VERY young and it scared me to the point, I couldn't even sleep in my own room. Lol. So, if you have someone in your family that's pretty young, watch the movie with them, I guess. Other than that, I give this movie a ten out of ten. I LOVE it so much!!

Twitches is about two twin witches who got separated at birth but, reunite on their 21st birthday. They must put their powers together in order to save their kingdom from the forces of dark magic.

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I absolutely LOVE this movie! I'm a twin so, when my sister and I first saw this movie, we were honestly obsessed with it. What made us feel even more connected to this movie was, the fact that they were black. Having two strong black women on tv for us, and our family was amazing! We felt as though this movie was made for us. So, I definitely recommend this movie.

I have WAY more Halloween movies but, if I were to type them all down, it would take forever. I hope you enjoyed this article! I had fun making it!