This life is strange. This place is even stranger and it's full of so many things that we know nothing about. But there's this one thing that we can be sure of... That when Love is real, it transcends our planet, it transcends the Milky way and can fly through all the Universe and than can come straight back to you with the speed of light... It can find you every other planet, every constellation, in the smallest of the atoms.. And will recognize you right away and will catch you even if you are the tale of a comet
That real Love is something beyond our society, beyond our perceptions of times and beliefs and body wishes, beyond our senses and beyond us..I believe that this type of feelings are born far far away in some distant galaxy before even the creation of Time... and they are immortal.. they are not human.. Perhaps they were made from some kind of Old Souls, that are invisible for us..and they reincarnate themselves in every next real Love..maybe that's why only these souls see each other and we call the Love "blind".. and not everyone can understand it.

This Love.. Man, this Love is pure. It's not bound by those feelings that can eat us alive. The real Love is not about lust , not about money, not about violence, rules and laws, not about just religion... Because that, my friend is something only a small kid can feel. The kids are not possessed by our cruel world yet...with that I mean Pure Real Love... There's no "have to" ,there's no "must" and "you can't do that because the society thinks is wrong" , there's no defined type of loving like "you can't love your friends, they are not so important", "you can't love that much ", "you are weird, you can't be possibly love so many people", you "can't " love some people cause of the gender , you're a guy, you can't be sensitive, you can't just hug your guy friends or you are a girl, you can't be rude, you always have to look good, to make yourself look good, you have to love to wear dresses and make up because that's what the boys like.... Yes, that's how society defines love.. It's sad.. And because of that, the real lovers lose yourself in the time.. And are no more.. .
How can anyone describe Real Love... Well, it's like a nuclear bomb inside you.. And explodes with the power of thousand suns..and ignites you whole..It glows and shines with so much light that It's wave spreads in your whole body and can be seen in your eyes, but that bomb is not like ours, it doesn't create chaos and death, only warm and sunlight...

Because the real Love doesn't appear all of a sudden.. It's a small seed inside you and with the passing of time it blooms and becomes the most beautiful flower...and even if it dies someday, it will grow in the next real lover.. The wind of the universe spreads these seeds.. And that's how they find their way back to each other.. If that's not a magic, I don't know what it is
*Oh, you don't believe in magic . But, my friend... Our universe is a dark place, literary.. And only because of these gigantic bows of fire, you are alive.. They burn themselves for you.. The red storm in them is the reason for our lives..nothing can live there, and that bow slowly dies but that only means light and life for us.. Do you believe in magic now?

What means real Love? It means sacrificing yourself for the other, loving making them happy, loving unconditionaly, loving without reasons, loving passionately, loving bold and strong, forgetting the circumstances, loving without thinking, loving like a mad man, wishing only to find the other, be with the other, protect the other, loving so hard that you can move trough burning skys and destroy mountains.. Even if you don't know who you are, you will know the other, even if they are dead, you will long for them and love them the same way... Even if you become a monster ..even if it means losing your mind... That's what it means!*
Only if we could love real ..?

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~~~ Everyone of Us is a little Universe ~~~