There is such day in the life of every person... The Day, When Everything (like really everything) Goes Wrong. All your plans are ruined by some unexpected and usually unpleasant event or chain of events. You suddenly get a feeling, that nothing in your life is really under your control. But who's controlling then? God? Evil Santa? Aliens? It doesn't even matter who exactly it is, but you're 100% sure that this mysterious Someone is definitely miffed at you. And you're getting a quite reasonable question - WHY? What on Earth have I done for you to treat me this way?! And here it begins: hours of self-pity, annoying friends by whining that your life sucks and no one has ever been in a situation worse than yours, watching Bridget Jones's Diary for the 10th time and enviously looking through Instagram stories of people you know who obviously seem to have more fun in life than you!

Does it sound familiar? It does a lot to me, cause today I'm having exactly this kind of Day... For different reasons, I had to stay at home for the whole day (although yesterday I was making huge plans and was sure that it will be a nice busy day out). But, nope, here I am stuck at home. And you know what I've noticed? There are several stages, that a person, who has The Day, When Everything Goes Wrong, goes through.

It all starts with Stage 1. No Way! 

Nope, I'm not gonna change my plans! Nope, I'll cope with it, it all will be just fine! (Usually, this stage lasts till you understand that you really have to sacrifice your plans and leave them for the next day). 

Stage 2. Why? Why ME? 

You start asking yourself (and others) what have you done wrong in your life that it's being so unfair to you... (Depending on the situation this stage can last from 5 minutes to several hours).

Stage 3. What's next? 

Now you're more or less calm and you're starting to think what can be done to save this day... Sometimes it can be a complicated task, especially if you have to give up really interesting activities outside, some trips or meeting with people and stay at home instead. And here comes the solution that I've chosen for myself. First of all, sit and write down all those thoughts you have on your mind. Can write about how disappointed you are, how great your plans and ideas were and whatever else you want to let go. If you don't have time for writing, just talk! Yeah, probably it can look weird, but sometimes talking (even talking to yourself) can help in clearing the head and calming down. And nope, you can't be considered crazy if you're talking to yourself .. Well.. until you get some reply... 

Anyway, start with letting all your negative ideas go out. Now, when you're free, create a new plan! Life gives you a lot of opportunities, even when you don't really notice them. So what if this day, which is now empty, is just another opportunity for you? Start something new, try yourself in some hobby, read a book! Every second is a chance to become better and what's more important happier than you were before!  Think about it and maybe The Day, When Everything Goes Wrong can become A Day, When Everything Turned Out All Right.

Best Regards,