Hello dear Community! 💕
I've thought very long about what I can write. Then I had the idea that it would be better to introduce myself first, so that I am not so foreign to you.😅
So here are twenty facts about me for you all!

1. My name is Mary
2. I'm 13 years old, but I look much older 😅
3. I'm half german half polish
4. I actually live in Germany
5. I can speak fluent german and english.. It's a shame that I know just a few words in polish :(
6. I have two older brothers and they mean the world to me
7. I also got a dog, his name is Marley
8. I listen to many kinds of music, but my favourite will be Kpop forever 💓
9. My favourite color is every pastell color that exist on this planet
10. I don't really have a favourite food or drink
11. I dance for four years now and I won a few prices with my beloved group 💘
12. Back in time I was a scout, but it did not made fun anymore so I start to play the piano again soon
13. I love drawing so much!
14. And reading. My favourite book is 'The curse of Crowfield' 👻
15. My favourite movie is 'The Circle' (It's very new)
16. I'm the most awkward person alive.. really.. 😂
17. But I am very selfless
18. I've always been good at talking and stuff like this
19. I'm very shy in puplic.. but when I'm with friends I am one of the loudest
20. I love the community here and I hope you all like my collections 💕

Thats it! :)
I hope you all know me better now and I am not so foreign to you anymore.

- Love, Mary💫