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As you know it, the @TypicalGirl48 asked for us to join the challenge of 30 questions for our followers to know more about us.
So here is my second question and answers.

Love you guys. Keep spreading the love. xo

2.Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

  • Anxiety - I have anxiety since I was a child but few years ago I became vulnerable to this and it started to stopping me from doing things that I love. I begun to fear things that I never feared before.
  • To sing - It became a fear since I was always wanted to become a singer, but never had the opportunity to make sing classes or play any instrument so I am afraid of not getting what I want to. I've heard so many negative words that I decided to put my dreams down.
  • Flying - I don't know why, but I get really scared when I'm on a plane. It freaks me out. I really hate it. Someone else share this fear? How can I win this? :)
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