believe whatever u believe in ,
we were , we are n we will be humans
YOUR today has been written by YOUR past,
as YOUR tomorrow will be write by YOUR today.
Even tho we wrote it with some one else,
n yep , we have met n have been with a lot of people
n yep they have help us to write our present,
lots of the people we met n have been with r gone
n also there is a lot or a couple of people that have stay a little longer
n there is people that r still with us.

Apart from that we r made by moments
n not because its a cliché quote,
just because the colony time n the one before that
have made the world how it is right now,
because, without the sexist era
the feminism would not be as it is right now
because it would not have an exuse to be made
don't get me wrong , it is nothing bad

And we are writing the present of the future humanity,
n one day will be history,
it does not matter if we r not models or singers or "someone" to this shitty society , this world would not be the same without us.

by a human being , living , n a writer of this society