We say weird shit in Dutch so I thought I'd some;

''Het regent pijpenstelen''
litteral translation: ''It rains steel pipes.''
real meaning: It rains really hard.

''Ik viel met de deur in huis.''
litteral translation: ''I fell with the door in the house.''
real meaning: I said it straight away.

''Er is niks aan de hand''
litteral translation: ''There is nothing on the hand.''
real meaning: There is nothing wrong.

''Ik zal hem een poepie laten ruiken.''
litteral translation: ''I shall let them smell a poopy.''
real meaning: I will show them how it's done.

''Ik houd je in de gaten.''
litteral translation: ''I am keeping you in the holes.''
real meaning: I am watching you.

''Helaas pindakaas.''
litteral translation: ''unfortunately peanutbutter.''
real meaning: That's too bad.

''Het is pik zwart buiten.''
Litteral translation: ''It is dick black outside.''
Real meaning: It is really dark outside.