Hi there! In this article I would like to talk about 11 investment pieces which are a perfect base for your wardrobe. I know that clothes are very personal, but I tried to collect some basic items to make combinations with.

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The striped t-shirt. One of my favourite musthaves. You can combine it with jeans but also with striking pants or leather pants. It has a sort of French sailor appearance. It doesn't have to be very expensive.
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Elegance, loose and a perfect waist. It is perfect to wear in different seasons. Think of those last summer nights, the beginning of autumn and when spring peeks around the corner next year.
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I like to go for a medium blue jeans, between mommy jeans and skinny jeans. Ripped jeans are also not to be missed, but just a normal standard jeans keeps your look very classy.
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Oh well, do I need to say more... Although the fabric is so incredibely important. My favourite colour of sweaters at the moment is pale yellow.
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You can literally wear the leather jacket with everything and it's so easy to combine with nice jeans or an evening dress for example. From day to night, from work to casual.
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The white t-shirt. Just a simple white t-shirt. You don't have to spend a lot of money for it and it's often more classy instead of a printed one.
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The everyday bag. I'm so in love with the Cloé woman bags, but I'm sure you've got this one in mind that completes your outfit. It's just this little girls dream of me to have a lot of bags. Especially those ones that are perfect for everyday. A medium sized bag in a neutral colour of leather is absolutely a perfect investment.
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You can wear the black pantalon in different ways. Think of a feminine casual look, with a loose t-shirt or sweater. Bare ankles with beautiful heels or a nice sneaker like Stan Smith.
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Simplicity, Loose, Classical, Nonchalant. I believe that when you're wearing a beautiful blouse that fits perfectly, you don't need that much.
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Black or white sneakers are a musthave in the wardrobe. Adidas or Vans, whatever you prefer. Shoes can make or break your outfit.
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Last, but definitely not least, choose your own funky heels to make a statement with. Metallic, animal print or velvet. Heels that lift your other clothing pieces up.

Allright! So these are my 11 favourite, basic pieces I love to wear and are indispensable in my wardrobe. I hope you get a little inspired of this article. Until next part! Ciao!

Love, Kirsten.