Yesterday my best friend's favourite rapper held his concert and we went. I don't listen that kind of music at all but I knew how much she would love it to go and here we are! At the concert. Since I don't listen rap I didn't know the look I should pick and dress. I was out of the mass but I didn't care as soon as she was happy being there.
She was so exicted and there were times that I thought she would cry and after the concert her voice was almost gone. What I want to say is that her energy while listening the rapper was extrordinary, her face lighted up and looking at her made me happy too. Music is way of survival. It can change the way you see the world, it changes your attitude, it makes your day. Music and its lyrics understand your pain, your happiness, your worry but the most important is that music expresses everything that's on your mind. It retrives every bad and good memory from your subconscious creating the perfect feeling you could even possibly feel. You have no words to explain what is going on but you have lyrics do it for you. Either way, listen your favourite song over and over again and let it heal your wounds.
Katerina xxx