bonjour, aloha and welcome to the fifth part of the bucketlist i have been creating pretty much all my life. that said, i am still only 14 years old and i hope to expand my list alot in the years to come. i hope your wanderlust and curiosity brings you many travels, and that this list can help you on the way. if you have done anything on my bucketlist (check out the 4 previous parts) please contact me and tell me all about it! i love a good story and i would be absolutely thrilled if my bucketlist inspires someone to go on an adventure.
-love, ingrid

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178. Drink champagne in paris
179. Drink form a melon
180. See the moon reflect in the ocean
181. Se stars from n airplane window

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182. Use a vending machine
183. Visit an asian temple
184. Use a kanoo
185. Walk a secret path

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186. Go bungee jumping
187. Use a swingset somewhere beautiful
188. Have a grey day in tokyo
189. Learn how to surf

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190. See a flamingo
191. Sit up and watch the view in a city
192. Go on a safari in africa
193. Feel the pink light

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194. Find a flower shop
195. Swing yourself in to a lake
196. Sleep beneath the stars
197. Bath in the blue laguna

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198. Go on a festival
199. Go to the opera
200. Survive in the nature for a day
201. Run trough a flower field

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202. Go swimming somewhere beautiful
203. Have a picnic at the beach
204. Eat something with pumpkin spice
205. Go to a vegetable market

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206. Drive trough the jungle
207. Read a book while on a train
208. Go to a place with a view of the entire city
209. Live in a cave

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210. Sit in the back of a van
211. Sleep in a tent with a view of a mountain
212. Travel to a foreign land with friends
213. See the hollywood sign

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214. Float in the dead sea
215. Be in a helicopter
216. Se bovies star in the walk of fame
217. Take a bath at night

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218. Go to a spa
219. Have a cozy time while the power is out
220. Sleep at a motel somewhere tropical
221. Use a telescope

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222. Spend the night in a tree houe
223. Build a treehouse
224. Make a gingebreadhouse
225. Carve a pumpkin
226. Climb a tree