1.list 5 random facts about yourself ( not really a question ik)
-my favorite place is the beach ( it's so relaxing )
-i still have a stuffed toy that my father got me on my 4th birthday ( it was bigger than me when i got it )
-clowns freak me out
-i love wearing all black outfits
-i have curly hair ( and it's so HARD to style )

2.how many languages you speak ?
i speak Arabic , French , English fluently , currently learning Spanish and planning to learn either German or Japanese next

3.what are 3 of your long term goals ?
-finishing my studies
-writing a book and maybe publishing it
-working out and living a healthier life ( that's a long term one because i have to commit to it and i'm not ready for that lol )

4.what are 3 of your short term goals ?
-doing my homework rn lol it's due tommorow
-finishing this semester sane
-finishing the book i'm reading

5.which of your parents are you more like ?
my dad

6.who is your biggest supporter ?
also my dad <3

7.favorite subject in school ?

8.favorite fairytale ?
dunno probably Peter Pan

9.who has left the most impact on your life ?
my English teacher in middle school was an amazing person , she taught me that other people's opinions on you DO NOT matter when you're doing what makes YOU happy

10.what countries have you visited ?
none ..but i've traveled to so many states and places in my country ..and yeah i love to travel

11.what countries would you like to visit ?
USA , Turkey , Germany , France ( Paris ) , China , Australia

12.what app do you use most ?

13.loud or soft music ?
loud to cover noise and soft when i'm trying to sleep

14.do you ever count your steps when you walk ?
yeah , i do it when i try not to think about something like how tired i am or...

15.have you peed in the woods before ?
yes , i've been in a 15 hours car trip so hell yeah !

16.do you ever dance even when there is no music on ?
yeah i sometimes do it when one of my friends start to randomly sing ( terribly may i add ) and it's soo embarrassing when somebody sees me

17.do you chew on your pens and pencils ?
i bite them when i'm concentrating on like math or something

18.is it ok for guys to wear pink ?
hell yeah , it looks good on them ;)

19.what is your usual bedtime ?
around 4am ( you can imagine how hard it is to wake up at 7am and go to school )

20.do you sing in the shower ?
no because when i do , my family just starts yelling WHAT DO YOU NEED ?! , WHAT'S WRONG ???! ..... so yeah i don't

21.how long does it take you to shower ?
i take tooo much time i know....about 45 minutes (i have long hair please don't judge me )

22.last thing that made you cry ?
an anxiety attack because of school

23.favorite show ?
Grey's Anatomy <3

24.favorite fruit ?

25.ever cried out of happiness ?
yeah :)

26.can you hold your breath without holding your nose ?

27.can you knit or crochet ?
nope i wanted to learn how to crochet but my mom was too busy to teach me :/

28.do you miss anyone right now ?

29.do you tan or burn ?
i burn.... and it's bad

30.a righty or lefty ?