Hi!!, as you can see by the title of the article i'll be doing the 30 days challenge for ya'll to know me better. i'll try to update every day but maybe i won't be able in some days due to college. Well, that's it. let's start with day 1.

List 20 random facts about yourself:

  • i love cats more than i love humans (with that, you should know that i don't have an active social life)
  • i love reading. my favorite saga is Harry Potter (mainly because i read it when i was going throug my depression)
  • philosophy, history, art and physics were my favorite subjects in school
  • i'm studying software engeneering
  • i'd love to work for nasa
  • i believe in aliens
alien, grunge, and graffiti image
  • i'm agnostic
  • i suffered from depression and suffer from anxiety
  • my first language is spanish but i run this in english so i can improve it
  • i'm a proud slytherin
slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image
  • i love researching. Whether it is about history or abstract concepts, i'm always trying to feed my hunger for knowledge
  • i had a suicide attempt
  • My favorite artist is Amy Winehouse. We have a similar history so i feel familiar with her and whenever i listen to any of her songs i feel her next to me, singing in my ear, feeling what i feel
Image by sugar magnolia
  • i just came out of a really stormy relationship, the worst of all is that, if he shows and says ''leave it all and come with me'', i'll probably do it
  • i love writting but i don't have the ability to organize my ideas, i find it difficult, that's one of the reasons why i never end what i start writting
  • i'm 18 y/o and i'm colombian
  • i love cartoonssss
  • i'm bisexual
lgbtq and love is love image
  • i love anything fashion related. I've been researching about certain topics that my oily skin pals will like
  • i forgot what i was going to write here. well nvmnd xd

feel free to send me a post-card if you want to be my friend <3

see you tomorrow insert creepy moon emoji