"A girl and a guy can never be "just friends" if one of them likes the other one."

So I guess we aren't just friends.
I love every single part of you. Your body, your mind, your appearance.
You don't want to be anything else than friends. I'm ok with that
as long as you are in my life, everything is fine.

You told me about your suicidal thoughts and how nobody loves you or cares for you.
I wanted to tell you how everything you do makes me fall for you a little deeper, almost as melting onto your soul.

maybe if you decide to do something stupid to yourself I'll do the same to myself.

and you told me not to do anything stupid to myself, so control yourself and maybe, maybe one day you'll realize that I have always been here for you and never judged you for being yourself and maybe you'll fall for me too. Looking forward to the day you'll ask me if I'd like to be yours.