day 1: a song that reminds you of yourself: oh ms believer - twenty one pilots.
day 2: a song they should play at your wedding: cant take my eyes of you - frank sinatra.
day 3: a song that makes you laugh: pata de camelo - mc livinho.
day 4: a song would you sing to your crush: coração carnaval - anavitoria..
day 5: a song that makes you want to dance: new rules - dua lipa.
day 6: a song that you listen on repeat: still got time - zayn.
day 7: a song that you hate: down - fifth harmony.
day 8:a song you are secretly obsessed with: attention - charlie puth
day 9: song that makes you think of your family: eu quero almas - nani azevedo (particularmente meu avôzinho).
day 10: you favorite song EVER: admiravél chip novo - pitty.